Top Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Top Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

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When many of us think about German cuisine, we conjure up images in our heads of sausage and beer. However, the people of Berlin – the progressive, cosmopolitan capital of Germany simply do not fit this cliché. Searching for a way to feed themselves that is both sustainable to the environment and healthy for them, many Berliners have been turning to vegan and vegetarian diets as a way eat “bio,” what the Germans call organic. More and more of these diets are popping up in the city every year – here are some of the top places where you can get a good meal if you are a vegan or vegetarian

If you are planning to pay a visit to Berlin in the future, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, be sure to weave a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in to your itinerary. Many of the choices are affordable, and most of these restaurants offer dishes that meat eaters would appreciate, as well as dishes for seasoned vegans and vegetarians too.

  • Choostheorie, Located on Lychener Strasse 4 at Eberswalder Strasse, Open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM until 12 pm.

This is a 100% vegan Prenzlauer Berg cafe and cocktail bar with Wi-Fi that seats about twenty people inside. Great dishes to check out include the special BBQ burger you can get on Monday from 5pm until 10 pm, and stop by on a Saturday morning for Bavarian white sausage. 

  • Let it Be, Located on Treptower Str. 90, Open Tuesday from Friday from 3 PM until 10 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 1 PM until 10 PM

Let it Be is a fully vegan crepes cafe, serving up burgers, sandwiches and sides. Be sure to drop by for weekly specials, seasonal plates, and special craft beer from a Bavarian brewery, as well as wine from the Mosel area and local liquor. A favorite dish at the restaurant are the vegan donuts available on Tuesdays, until the last one is sold. 

  • Momos, Located on Fehrbelliner Strasse 5 around the corner from Schoenhauser Allee, Open Monday through Saturday from 12 PM until 9 PM

This has become one of our favourite Prenzlauer Berg restaurants. Here you can find vegan and vegetarian dumplings inspired by Nepalese Momo comprised of organic ingredients in eco-friendly packaging. Try the dumplings steamed, pan-fried or served in broth.

  • Cafe Vux, Located at Wipperstr 14 (at Kirchofstrasse), Open Wednesday through Saturday from 12 PM until 7 PM, and Sunday from 12 PM until 6 PM.

This coffeeshop near Richardplatz features coffee, teas and fruit smoothies for you to enjoy. A favorite dish to check out here are the waffles with hot fruits and whipped soya cream. You can find other delicious treats here like cookies, soups and sandwiches. 

  • Freckles, Located at Nestitztr, 33 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Open Monday through Sunday from 12 PM until 5 PM.

Freckles is an all vegan cafe located near Bergmanstrasse, where you can find housemade cakes, soups, quiches and other vegan food. The quiches are a favorite among the customers, and the packages are marked “gluten free, or nut free” if you are interested in the ingredients in your food. For drinks, you can obtain a coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lemonade. 

  • Lemongrass, Located at Anklamerstr. 38, Open Monday through Sunday from 12 PM until 11 PM.

This restaurant, also located in Prenzlauer Berg, has plenty of vegetarian options for you to choose from, serving sushi – a favorite dish, which many diners have raved about, stir fried dishes and curries. Meals on the menu include soup, a main dish, vegetables and some sauces. Lunches are rather affordable, with two lunch dishes on the menu priced at about five Euros. 

  • Caramello, Located at Wuhischstr, 31, Friedrichshain, Open Monday through Sunday from 11 AM until 10 PM.

Vegans still are entitled to indulge their sweet tooth once in a while, and Caramello is a vegan ice cream shop that has gained popularity for the quality of its food. Check out the Blue Mohn, which tastes a little like a poppy seed muffin, the hazelnut flavor, and the milk chocolate flavor.



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