International Cuisine in Berlin – Lots to Discover

International Cuisine in Berlin – Lots to Discover


Trying to pleasure your palate? Look nor further than the diverse, multicultural epicenter of Germany, the city of Berlin. Berlin offers a host of culinary choices to satisfy cravings for nearly every type of food from many regions around the world and is no longer just the home of German only culinary traditions.

Peruvian Food in Berlin

Peruvian dishes have been enjoying a well deserved boost in popularity recently, and Berlin has many options for diners that are seeking a taste of Peru. The Peruvian topography is expansive, offering a myriad of distinctive culinary components – vegetables like the cassava, plantain and chili pepper, super-foods such as quinoa, amaranth and avocado and fruits like the Lucuma and physalis.

At the restaurant Serrano, located in Charlottenburg you can sample the Peruvian entree known as Causa – cool potato cakes layered with vegetables and meats. Serrano is known for the “Causa Bicolor” – yellow and red potatoes served with huge prawns, mixed into a salad with avocado and marinated with lime juice.

At Cruicheria in Kreuzberg, you can treat yourself to Peru’s national dish, Ceviche. Ceviche is a seafood meal that is both delicious and very healthy. Because the seafood is raw, Ceviche is both dairy and gluten free. Cevicheria offers a variety of clever takes on the Peruvian classic, like ceviche de calemares con apio, palta y crema de kion and even vegan friendly menu items, like ceviche caliente de zetas de cardo con endiva.

In Peru, “Pisco” is a staple drink – a grape brandy that Concours Mondial de Bruxelle deemed best liquor in the world. You can find a variety of cocktails that feature the spirit over at Chicha, a Pisco bar in Neukolln. The cocktail list includes Pisco punch, Pisco sour, and “through the grapevine” a concoction that incorporates German Riesling and Pisco.

Peruvian food Berlin
Peruvian dish

Jewish Food in Berlin

Interested in the study and start up opportunities that Berlin has to offer, young and trendy Israeli immigrants have been pouring in to the city and re-inspiring an interest in Jewish cuisine. Take “Gordon” for example, this artsy, cutting edge record store and cafe offers up freshly made hummus and “sabich” a tasty sandwich prepared with hard boiled eggs, Yemente and green chili served with a coriander relish.

If you are looking to satisfy a craving for gefilte fish, it is suggested that you pay a visit to Bleidbergs, located in between Charlottenburg and Schoneberg, the only milk kosher restaurant in its area. Its gefilte fish is critically acclaimed and is considered by many to be the best around.

Der Kibbuz, in the Friedrichshain region will also offer a delicious taste of Jewish cuisine, like Israeli Pitas and Green Shakshuka – a take on the Israeli breakfast dish that calls for poached eggs in an onion and tomato sauce. Green Shakshuka takes spinach rather than tomato, and incorporates garlic and cumin. Der Kibbus weaves swiss chard and nutmeg sauce into the dish as well as Spinach.

Middle Eastern Food in Berlin

For Middle Eastern Cuisine that specializes in Turkish entrees and offers vegetarian options, head to Mustafa’s Gemuese Kebab, located at Mehring Damn 32. The veggie kebab is recommended, offering an ample amount of vegetables that diners say is better than the standard vegetarian option that you will find at most kebab joints. The kebabs range from fresh to spicy, sweet to salty, and diners love the mix of meat and vegetables this eatery serves up.

For falafel fans, check out DaDa falafel located at Linienstrasse 132, between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. The prices are reasonable, the portions large. With delicious falafel prepared right in front of you, heaped in a wrap of salad, this restaurant is described as trendy with a good atmosphere.

At Yarok Fine Syrian Food from Damascus, located at Torstrasse, also close to Prenzlauer Berg, all vegetarian dishes will happily be prepared vegan, and all of the dishes are freshly made. The servings are generous and the prices are inexpensive. Plates to check out include the chicken schwarma, the middle eastern plate and a mix of desserts that come as a menu item.

We hope you enjoyed this short guide. If you are hunting for even more Middle eastern food, check out Maroosh, famous for being probably the  best Middle Eastern restaurant in Kreuzberg.



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