Guide to Berlin’s Drinking and Bars

Guide to Berlin’s Drinking and Bars


For a city that has been around almost eight hundred years, Berlin still feels like a young area. Impressively, it has shown the world an uncanny ability to transform itself as proficiently as David Bowie himself. Taking a bit of time to understand a little bit of Berlin history will only make you appreciate Berlin’s culture even more.

During the early twentieth century Berlin was a prosperous European capital with an amazing nightlife. Sadly, by the time World War Two came to a conclusion, this flourishing city had devolved into debris and a host of painful memories. Despite the fact that efforts almost immediately were underway to restore this city, in 1961 the rise of the Berlin Wall effectively created two isolated cities that developed separately.

In only about a quarter century since the wall went down, Berlin has managed to reinvent itself into what it has always shown promise to be and has regained its worldwide reputation as the city to visit if you want to be yourself and just have a good time. Tourists visiting the area are sure to love the inexpensive beer, the interesting crowds, and the great music. Ask anyone who has been to Berlin what stands out about it, and they will tell you that no matter who you are, what you do, or who you know, if you have the ability to enjoy yourself and the talent to be able to let others do the same, you are sure to love the city.

Good to Know if You are Visiting

There is no central area in Berlin where people go to drink. Instead, each vicinity brings unique characteristics to the table. If you have never been before, you may be led to believe Berlin is rowdy and excessively noisy. On the contrary, you will find that the locals tend to get quieter as the night grows later out of respect for the fact that many bars are found in residential areas. In fact, among locals at least, behaving overly inebriated is rare. Most of the bars only accept cash, so be sure to bring that in lieu of credit, and finally, don’t expect a last call! The bars in Berlin typically do not close until the last customer goes home.

Great Berlin Bars to Check Out If… 

You’re a Techno Junkie

Luzia: Do you love extended dance parties? This location in Oranienstrasse is often frequented by Berlin club kids. It can get rowdy on the weekends, and the décor is interesting – featuring murals by a local artist and eccentric nick-nacks.

You’re a Punk Rocker

8mm: This “dive bar” showcases great DJs on the weekends featuring your favorite punk and new wave hits.

Supamolly: For the true punk at heart. This bar pays credence to Berlin’s history of squatting, and alongside of this, its population of activists, punks and anarchists who logically follow!

You’re Artsy

Kim: A favorite of scenesters and fashionistas. Featuring an unmarked door, Kim looks sexy and has just that right amount of “unfinished” enough to be cool.

Newton Bar: A whole wall of this decently sized bar is decked out in photographer Helmut Newton’s black and white nude photos.

You Want a Taste of the Local Culture

Altes Europa: Here you will find an old school look with a low key experience, which might be a refuge for you if you are feeling inundated with tourists.

You’re Looking for a Plain Fun Time

Prater: Here is a beer garden which has been around since 1852. You’ll find beer-a-plenty, Bratwurst, and just the perfect amount of rowdiness.

Other Notable Great Berlin Bars

Stagger Lee: American visitors might recall the name of this vaudeville-esque bar from the famous folk song about a Missouri pimp, and may find a small taste of home in its Victorian décor featuring saloon lamps from the old days.
Möbel-Olfe: Located in a great area around Kottbusser Tor – here you will find an amazing slice of Berlin where the denizens are comprised of a Turkish community and an artistic and gay community living in respectful co-habitation.



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